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Many customers order specific colors of their favorite soft platics. We can usually match a color, the fleck or glitter, the consistency, the salt content, and we can even make soft plastics that will float.


The objective of any bait, regardless of color, is to catch the fish. Take a look in your tackle box. How many unused colors do you have there? If you are like most fishermen, then you have boxes full of unused baits. Those soft plastic baits that are of no use for you can be turned into baits that you will use. But, more importantly right now is to be aware that most baits are designed to catch fishermen, and not fish.
We can duplicate almost any color combination or come close enough to fool any bass you may be after. Aside from the standard colors we can create unique colors that no other fisherman will have.
A few of our colors are shown below.

Floating Plastics

If you want the bait you order to float then we will add a flotation material to the plastic. It is not advisable to add salt if you want the bait to float. Salt is heavier than fresh water and will sink. We like to add flotation to baits used for drop shotting, Carolina rigging, and some Texas rigged worms. You might want to consider having your jig "chunks" made with flotation for more action.

Of Salt and Related Matters

Have you ever opened a new pack of salted baits and they were covered in salt? Who hasn't? What do you think happens to that salt as soon as the bait hits the water? It's gone, drifted away into the water in just a few seconds.
We can put as much or as little salt into our baits as you desire. Want the bait to sink a bit quicker, more salt is added. For a little slower sink rate we use less salt. Salt will change the consistency of the bait a bit, but in most cases the effect will not be noticeable to the fish.
Our "Irvco" line of salted stick baits has about 30% salt content by weight. If you want more or less salt, just let us know when you place your order.

The Doc in Full Fishing Regalia
Here is a picture of Doc Irv after fishing from midnight to 8. As usual, stylishly dressed and dapper.

A Northeast River Bass
I caught them all on my Irvco baits, really.

Most of our custom soft plastic bait sell from $2.50 to %5.00 per ten pack, plus shipping costs.

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